Admission & Examination Rules

Bachelor of LAW (Three Year) Course (New Scheme)


There shall be a Three-year Course for the degree of LL.B.(P) and two-year course for the degree of LL.B.(A) and the teaching shall be conducted through the lecture method, practical and class performance during the session and examination shall be conducted through written papers, practicals and viva at the end of each year.

All students would be admitted to LL.B. Ist year professional course only and those who like to take admission in LL.B. Ist year academic course will have to apply separately. Those who do not apply separately would be deemed to have been admitted to the professional course.

The instructions shall be provided in each paper of LL.B. I, II, and III year for 3 hours a week.


A candidate who has taken the Bachelor’s or the Master’s degree in Arts/Science/ Commerce/Management/Engineering/ Nursing/Agriculture or the degree of Ayurvedacharya/Ayurveda Brihaspati of this University or any other university recognized for the purpose by the Syndicate with full course prescribed for the degree and secured a minimum of 45% marks (excluding any concessional marks in the aggregate prescribed for the examination for the aforesaid degree) shall be eligible for admission to LL.B. First Year Course.


  1. For the purpose of this ordinance, the marks of only those subjects / papers shall be taken into account which had been considered for awarding division at the Bachelor’s/Master’s Degree Examination.
  2. Candidates who have passed their qualifying examination with full course in one attempt or in parts or as private candidate or by correspondence, will also be eligible for admission to the LL.B. First year course class provided they secure minimum percentage of marks as prescribed above.

Provided further that the condition of the obtaining a minimum of 45% marks in the aggregate at the qualifying examination shall not apply to the Natural Born sons/daughters of parents belonging to Scheduled Caste/Scheduled Tribes/OBC.


Each theory paper in LL.B. I/II/III year shall be of 100 marks. The Practical paper in each year of LL.B. I/II/III year has been divided into two parts : Part ”A” shall be Practical Written Examination of 80 marks and Part ”B” shall be of Viva-Voce of 20 marks. A candidate shall be required to pass separately in Practical, Written and Viva-Voce Examinations.


  1. Whenever any option(s) in any paper has been provided in the syllabus of LL.B. I/II./III year, the Principal or the Head of the Unit will determine at beginning of each session the option or the options in which instructions will be provided during the session. The choice of the candidate will be limited to the options so provided for instructions.
  2. A candidate may opt for one additional paper at LL.B. I/II./III year examination, if permitted by the Principal or Head of the Unit. For such additional paper, no teaching facility will be provided and the candidate will have to appear at the examination in such additional paper at his own risk and the marks obtained therein will not be counted while working out his result but will be shown in the marks-sheet separately. For a pass in such paper, the candidate has to secure at least 36% marks.

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