Reservation of seats/relaxation of marks for S.C./S.T./O.B.C and Physically Handicapped

  1. 49% of the total number of the seats will be reserved for Natural Born sons/daughters of parents belonging to Scheduled Caste, Schedule Tribes and OBC in the ratio of 16%: I 2%: 21 %, respectively.
  2. 2% of total number of seats will be reserved for physically handicapped candidates defined as Deaf/Dumb/ Blind/Loss of any limb with permanent disability.
  3. All Scheduled Caste, Schedule Tribe and OBC candidates who have passed the qualifying examination for admission may be arranged in order of merit amongst themselves.
  4. Those who have secured marks above the level up to which general category students are admitted will not be counted towards reserved quota at all and will be included in the General Merit List of Admission.
  5. Excluding those admitted on Merit alongwith General Candidates as at 4 above, other Scheduled Caste and Scheduled Tribe candidates will be admitted in order of merit going down the inter se merit list up to the point necessary to secure adequate number of candidates of scheduled castes as well as scheduled Tribes to fulfill the reservation percentage completely.
  6. Candidates belonging to S.C., S.T. and OBC categories will required to produce a certificate to that effect from a Dirstrict Magistrate/Tehsidar/Sub-Divisional Magistrate without which their cases will not be considered under the above provisions.
  1. Candidates claiming reservation under physically handicapped category above shall be required to furnish a certificate in original from the Principal, S.M.S. Medical College, Jaipur/Director, Rehabilitation Research Centre/Head of the Department concerned ofS.M.S. Medical College, Jaipur. To such candidates, a relaxation of 5% marks in the minimum percentage of marks for admission shall be admissible.

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