The expression ’regular course of study’ means attendance required to be put in by a candidate in the lectures, tutorials and practical as provided in the ordinances for the respective examination. Subject to the provisions of condonations of shortage in attendance as contained in 0.145 and the provisions ofO.145-a, a candidate who fails to put in the required minimum attendance as provided in the Ordinances shall be detained from appearing at the examination.

The University/College would be under an obligation to ensure 75% attendance of regular student out of the guidelines of U.G.C. and direction of Hon’ble High Court, Rajasthan.

In no case, relaxation is given to appearing in the examination where the student has not completed 75% attendance. Also, if a particular student is absent for 10% of the total number of attendance which are expected in a year then the college would inform the parents of such students of his absense of 26% of the expected classes in a session the cancel his admission.

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