Chairman`s Message

Due to liberalization, privatization and globalization, world is experiencing rapid revolution and transformation in all walks of life. World has become very competitive and only the men and women of grit, fortitude and excellence will be able to lead a life of dignity and status in the society. Quality education is the only toll to develop potential and talented individuals to lead the world of tomorrow.

Hans Law College, a prestigious institution established as per directives of the Bar Council of India and affiliated with Rajasthan University, Jaipur has a glorious history in providing the best legal education to the students and generation Judicial Officers, Legal Professionals and Intellectuals. I assure you the best-possible teaching by experienced faculty with all other facilities like well equipped e-library and latest journals containing judicial decisions and articles of legal interest.

We have vowed to use the best international practices, pedagogy, professionalism and skills to produce leaders for all the coveted vocations and professions of the modern world. I am very optimistic, sanguine and confident of the co-operation of my teaching faculty and the parents from all over the cosmos to strengthen my hand to exalt and educate our future generations to ship-shape a world of peace, progress and prosperity.

May God be with us in all our future endeavours !

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